MOSAIC offers some of the most affordable housing in the area. By pooling our resources and sharing household responsibilities, we’re able to keep our costs low. Our rates are collectively set by each house’s members and by MOSAIC’s elected Board of Directors.

Below are the rates for the 2019-20 year for each of our houses. Rent rates vary by room; other charges (food, utilities, etc.) are the same for all of the members in each house. (For more information about each house’s amenities, see here.)

Please note that these are the rates for academic-year members (Fall/Winter/Spring). If you only want to live in MOSAIC for the summer, you can receive discounted rates; see the Summer page for more information.

Monthly rates (July 2019 – June 2020)

HouseRent1UtilitiesFood2"Slush"3Membership Dues4
Zooo$500 to $699; average $595$50$140$15$25
Treehouse$340 to $520; average $430$45$121$15$25

1 Rent rates vary by room. See “Room rates” section below.
2 “Slush” pays for any other house expenses that members may want/need to pay for, like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.
3 Membership dues are paid by all members of the co-op to support the operation, development, and expansion of MOSAIC as a larger organization.

Security deposit

In addition to the monthly fees listed above, all members must pay a $400 security deposit in order to join MOSAIC. This deposit will be returned to you when you move out of MOSAIC (assuming you have not damaged the house or its contents).

Room rates

Rent rates vary depending on the room and the house you’re in. In general, larger rooms are more expensive than smaller rooms, and living in a single is more expensive than living in a double. As you can see above, rooms in the Treehouse tend to be significantly cheaper than rooms in the Zooo (because of the Treehouse’s greater distance from campus).

Rooms are assigned each year on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re interested in joining MOSAIC for the coming year, know that the sooner you apply, the better pick you will have of the remaining rooms in a house.