One of the best perks of living at MOSAIC is the food! The co-op offers a vegetarian/vegan meal plan that’s tasty, cheap, and convenient.

A sample dinner at the co-op


Both houses serve communal meals 4-5 nights a week. Our meals are always vegetarian or vegan, with options to accommodate other dietary needs. We intentionally make extra servings to provide food for the guests that frequently show up for our meals, as well as leftovers for lunch the next day.

In addition to being convenient and delicious, co-op meals are a great opportunity for “family time”! There’s something lovely about coming home every night and sharing a meal with your housemates, often with a few guests in tow. If you’re curious to see what a co-op dinner is like, just come on by—no invitation necessary! (Or email us if you’re not sure when we have meals.)

Common Food

In addition to communal dinners, the Zooo‘s meal plan includes a certain amount of “common food”—extra food that is available for members to make their own meals. Common food is purchased in bulk based on the desires and needs of the members. While some members still find they need to supplement the Zooo’s meal plan with their own privately purchased food, others find that they’re able to live almost completely off of the meal plan!

Dietary Needs

For environmental, ethical, and financial reasons, all food purchased through the co-op’s meal plan is vegetarian or vegan. However, you don’t need to be a vegetarian to live in MOSAIC! Many of our members are omnivores. Members are allowed to purchase and cook their own non-vegetarian food, and we do not judge anyone who chooses to do so.

Additionally, we make sure to provide options for members with other dietary restrictions (allergies, gluten intolerance, etc.). Since we order food based on the needs/desires of the people who live here, there’s always something edible on hand, no matter your special dietary needs.

How It All Works

The meal plan is entirely run by us, the members of the co-op! As part of our chore system, we divide up responsibilities for purchasing food, cooking meals, and cleaning up the kitchen. Since everyone comes to the table with a different culinary background, we’re all able to sample a wide variety of different cuisines—and learn to be better cooks along the way. (That being said, you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to—there are always other chores!)

Both of our houses have excellent cooking facilities, with plenty of large kitchenware and exhaustive spice racks. The Zooo even has a commercial-style gas range and easy-to-clean steel counters.