Summer Housing

Applications to live in MOSAIC during Summer 2020 are NOW OPEN! Click here to apply. (Select “Summer 2020” for the question about which quarters you’re applying for.)

There’s nothing quite like summer in the co-op!

MOSAIC offers affordable summer housing in both of our houses. Living at MOSAIC during the summer is perfect for Northwestern students with a summer job or internship; students from other schools who are spending the summer in Evanston/Chicago; international exchange students; or anyone else in Evanston looking for a cheap summer living arrangement in a great community.


We have summer housing available from July 1st to August 31st, depending on the room. Additionally, some rooms may be available starting in June – please email us to check on availability.

Rates (Summer 2018)

We offer discounted rent rates to members who are only living in MOSAIC for the summer. The summer rates for each of our houses are listed below. (All rates in the table below are monthly.)

HouseRentUtilitiesFood"Slush"Membership Dues
ZoooDouble rooms $526; single rooms $450-642$50$121$15$30
TreehouseDouble room $385; single rooms $440-515$40$70$15$30

For explanations of the Food, Slush, and Membership Dues charges, see the Cost page.

Summer Contract Periods

We divide the summer into a few separate “terms”. You can live in MOSAIC for some or all of these terms, but you must live in the co-op for a whole term, not part of a term.

  • June term: Dates depend on room availability. Please email us to check on availability if you’re interested in moving in during June.
  • July term: July 1-31 (The “official” start of our summer period.)
  • August term: Aug. 1-31

Application Process

The application process is basically the same as what’s described here: First you fill out the application form (select “Summer Quarter” for the question “Which quarters are you applying to live in MOSAIC?”). Then we’ll ask you to come to dinner (if you live in Evanston/Chicago) and complete an interview (in person or via Skype). We accept summer members on a first-come, first-served basis.

FAQ about Summer at MOSAIC

(If you have any questions not addressed here, please email us!)

  • If I live in MOSAIC for the summer, am I considered a subletter?
    Nope! You are considered a full member of the co-op. This means you will have all the same rights (e.g., voting at house meetings) and responsibilities (e.g., completing weekly chores) as other members.
  • Do I have to live in MOSAIC for the whole summer?
    Nope! We divide the summer into several “terms”, and you can sign on for some or all of those terms. See “Summer Contract Periods” above.
  • My school's summer break starts in April/May. Do you have summer housing available that early?
    Generally, no. But you can email us and check the Room Availability page to see if we have any openings.
  • Do I have to be a student to live in MOSAIC during the summer?
    Nope! Our co-op often attracts many students from Northwestern and other schools during the summer, but we are open to all — non-students, undergrads, graduate students, students of life, and anyone in between.
  • How much does it cost to live in MOSAIC during the summer?
    See “Rates” above. For questions about our summer rates, please email us!
  • Do I have to complete weekly chores if I'm just a summer member?
    Yes, summer members do have to complete weekly chores, just like academic-year members. This might involve cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, or other weekly tasks. Please click here for more information about chores and the other expectations for members.
  • Do I have to join the meal plan as a summer member?
    Yes, you have to join the meal plan.
  • Can your meal plan accommodate my vegan diet/gluten intolerance/allergy to cucumbers/etc.?
    Absolutely! Both of our houses cook entirely vegetarian/vegan food for their meals, and we pride ourselves on accommodating other dietary needs too. (That being said, folks are welcome to cook their own non-vegetarian food outside the meal plan if they wish.)