Why Join MOSAIC?

There are SO MANY REASONS! Every person has different reasons for choosing to live in a co-op like MOSAIC. Below are some of the most commonly cited benefits of living here.



At its core, MOSAIC is all about community. We eat together, we relax together, and we support one another. We ask about each other’s days and really care about the answer. All of this is what makes the co-op not just a house, but a home.

Affordability & Convenience

MOSAIC is one of the most affordable housing options in the area. By pooling our resources and sharing household responsibilities, we’re able to keep our living costs low. In particular, our shared meal plan provides us with food that is both very tasty and very cheap! (For more information on the cost of living in MOSAIC, click here.)

Living in a co-op is not only cheap, but also convenient. Don’t feel like doing all of your own cooking and cleaning, buying your own set of pots and pans, or shopping for all your own household supplies? By working and living together, we conserve resources and save time spent on chores. Once you try it, you’ll get addicted to the convenience of the cooperative lifestyle!


MOSAIC offers some of the best vegetarian/vegan cuisine in town! Five nights a week, co-opers gather family-style for a delicious home-cooked meal. The Zooo‘s meal plan includes additional “common food” for members to make their own meals and snacks. For more information about the co-op’s meal plan, click here. (Seriously, there’s nothing as sweet as coming home to a delicious meal someone else has cooked for you!)

Living Consciously

Co-op living is an environmentally sustainable alternative to resource-intensive apartment living. In addition to the reduced environmental impact that comes from simply sharing a space together, we make a point of composting our organic waste, using “green” alternatives to household cleaning supplies, and buying organic foods when possible. MOSAIC has a long history of supporting environmentally consciously living, and we do everything we can to tread lightly on the earth.

We also place an emphasis on socially conscious living, both with respect to each other and to the wider world. We learn to be mindful of each other’s needs, and we challenge each other to recognize the social, economic, and political consequences of our choices about how we live.


Perhaps most importantly, we are committed to fun and inspiration. We paint. We build. We watch movies together. We sing and dance together. We goof off together.

In short, we try to make each other’s brief existence on this earth as joyful as we can.



To try and capture the wonderful aspects of MOSAIC we asked our members to describe the co-op in five words or less. These were some of the responses we received:

“Family dinners, cuddles and bonding” -anonymous

“Goofy caring humans living together” -Bryan

“We ballin’ on a budget.” -Ryan

“Cute, nice folks, no attitude” -Kevin

“Undying love, rabbit food.” -B-Deezy

“The most loving community” -anonymous

“Big extended family” -anonymous