The Houses

MOSAIC is fortunate to have two lovely houses, known as The Zooo and The Treehouse. Both houses have unique personalities and distinct, vibrant communities.

The Zooo (located at 2000 Sherman Avenue), where MOSAIC has proudly resided for twelve years, houses 13 people in one of the few true boarding houses remaining in Evanston. Only two blocks from Northwestern’s Evanston campus and one block from the Foster El stop, the Zooo is excellently situated, especially for Northwestern students.

The Treehouse (located at 1427 Elmwood Avenue) is MOSAIC’s newest house. Started in 2015, the Treehouse houses 9 people in a spacious three-story house. The Treehouse boasts larger rooms and cheaper rent than the Zooo.

For more information about each of our houses, check out their pages below: