The Treehouse

In September 2015, MOSAIC expanded to a second house at 1427 Elmwood Avenue. Affectionately known as the Treehouse, the house is located a block from the Dempster El station, minutes from downtown Evanston, and a few blocks south of Northwestern University’s Evanston campus.

1427 Elmwood


During its first few years, the Treehouse has been home to an eclectic group of undergraduates, graduate students, and young working adults. You can always find some of us around the house either cooking up a delicious meal, reading on one of our comfy couches, or working on our own respective jobs or homework. We’ve had game nights, movie nights, community dinners, wine and cheese nights, a room-warming celebration, and parties, and we’re always planning more (check out our Facebook page for updates!).

What makes the Treehouse great is our shared sense of friendship and ownership. Our community is cozy and intimate; we support one another emotionally, intellectually, and physically. You will quickly feel like you’ve joined a family, not just a house.


The Treehouse features three floors, each with its own bathroom and kitchen. The first floor has a spacious dining room and living room complete with comfy seating and a huge projector. Additionally, the house boasts a sizable basement with a laundry room (including one washer and one dryer) and plenty of storage space. We like to keep our house clean and welcoming.

Outside, the house’s two-car garage and driveway provide ample parking space for members with both cars and bikes. Nestled around back is a small, cozy backyard.

The house has all usual utilities: gas, electricity, water, and high-speed internet. Additionally, we pay for weekly compost buckets for our organic waste.


The Treehouse is a bit smaller than the Zooo, with space for 9 people in total, but the rooms are larger and cheaper. Almost all of the bedrooms in the Treehouse are singles. For more information on room rates, click here.

All rooms come furnished with, at minimum, a bed/mattress. Many rooms come with additional furniture, like dressers and desks.