The Zooo

Known as the Zooo, MOSAIC’s oldest house is located at the corner of Sherman Avenue and Foster Street, surrounded by lots of big old trees. It’s just two blocks from Northwestern University’s Evanston campus, one block from the Foster El station, and about two blocks from downtown Evanston. Since 2004, generations of MOSAIC co-opers have made this lovely house into a home.



People appreciating each other with kind words and hugs. A discussion on the philosophy underpinning a piece of modern literature. Warm vegetarian food being stirred by a few co-opers. What do all these things have in common? They all take place in the Zooo, often at the same time, in adjoining rooms. And sometimes even in the same room. Living in the Zooo means you’re not just some person living in a house, but rather part of a family.

We’re dedicated to improving ourselves as people and engaging the world around us. Community and student groups that Zooo residents are involved in meet in our house, and we incorporate environmental sustainability and anti-oppression into how we run things. Our open mic nights and dance parties are not to miss, either!

Zooo animals eating dinner!


The house is older than electricity, with three levels above ground and a basement. We have a work/storage room, two washing machines and two dryers, three full bathrooms, a large common room and dining room, and lots of natural light through our large windows. The kitchen’s size is a little small (though typical of houses this age), but we make up for that with easy to clean commercial-style kitchenware including steel counter tops, a wide gas range, and two large (new!) refrigerators. We also maintain a considerable arsenal of kitchenware, herbs, and spices.

Additionally, the house has a huge porch with plenty of seating and room to park bikes. In the warmer months, co-opers can be spotted relaxing and working on the porch at all times of day. We believe that ours is the best porch in the city of Evanston.

The house has all normal utilities: gas, electricity, water, and internet. Additionally, we pay for a few weekly compost buckets for our organic waste.

Most importantly, the house is filled with awesome co-opers!


The Zooo has room for 13 people in a mix of singles and doubles. Because of the house’s weird architecture, the sizes and shapes of the rooms vary dramatically. For information on room rates, click here.

All rooms come furnished with, at minimum, a bed/mattress. Many rooms come with additional furniture, like dressers and desks.